To catch a drifting eye with a hand

Funen Art Academy, Skulptursalen

Opening: May 12, 16-19.
Exhibition period: 12. May – 23. June.
The exhibition is open from Monday to Thursday from 10-15. Holidays excluded.

The 12th of May invites Funen Art Academy to the opening of this year’s graduation show. GRADUATION 2022 is the final exam exhibition, that marks the end of the five-year artistic education. The eight graduates will show their individual and highly diverse artistic practices through the works they have worked focused on up to the opening.

The graduation exhibition is a returning event, that opens the doors to Funen Art Academy and provides a detailed look into the art that is created in that space. The work, exhibited, is an endeavor at contemporary art and the graduates’ entry onto the Danish art scene.

The characteristics of the exhibited works seem to be a sensibility, that is translated through craft. The work is inwardly focused from a standpoint on the artist’s own archives and preferences – a processing or insistence on the work as a way to make the world tangible.

Whether it is through the world of fantasy or the screen, wherefrom our world is mirrored, our looks are turned inward. In this look, we see code, safe spaces, or childhood. When the eyes still flicker is because the young artists are aware that you are there. From here, a complexity emerges of what it means to find oneself a place in the art world of our time.

Since 2018, when Funen Art Academy took over the museum building at Jernbanegade 13, the Academy’s graduation exhibitions have been held here. Skulptursalen and the adjoining Foredragssal are as usual the framework for the exhibition.
Funen Art Academy’s workshop-based teaching across artistic media is visibly traced in the graduates’ work, where both methods and content range widely.

GRADUATION 2022 is curated in collaboration with Tone Bonnén. Bonnén is a freelance curator and art consultant. She has experience with curating contemporary art from years of working as a museum inspector at SMK – National Gallery of Denmark, as a gallery assistant at a commercial gallery, through a diverse range of freelance assignments, and as the owner and creator of the small newly established exhibition space Gæsteværelset, which she runs from her own home in Copenhagen. Bonnén has in her curatorial work with the graduation exhibition focused on the graduates individually as well as on creating an overall expression. Here, each individual stands out strongly in his movement toward an artistic work outside the academy setting.

On Saturday 11 June, in connection with the launch of the exhibition catalog, there will be a conversation between Tone Bonnén and a group of the graduating students.

Subsequently, GRADUATION 2022 will be shown at SAK Kunstbygning in Svendborg in the period 9 July to 7 August.

This year’s graduates are: Robin Højlund Baasch, Mikkel Zia, Marie Rud Rosenzweig, Jakob Sjøberg, Rumle Larsen, Naila Hekmat, Astrid Sandbæk, Anne Mie Bak Andersen.

The exhibition is kindly supported by the Toyota Foundation, the Augustinus Foundation, 15. Juni Fonden and Birgit Vibeke Toft’s Memorial Foundation.

For further information about the exhibition contact Funen Art Academy at / 6611 1288 or curator Tone Bonnén at / 3114 7178

Press photos can be downloaded here