Mission vision strategy

Funen Art Academy seeks to educate visuals artists at the highest level and disseminate knowledge of the arts.

At Funen Art Academy, we work to create an ambitious and engaging arts education programme at international level.

We wish to make ourselves known as:

  • An artistically and academically esteemed art academy in Northern Europe with broad reach
  • An invaluable asset to the city of Odense and local cultural life

Funen Art Academy was founded in 1944 and consolidated its position in 2018 after moving to the notable historicist building housing the former Funen Art Museum. We are now setting a more proactive agenda focusing on interior development and exterior visibility.

We believe our strength lies in being small enough for everyone to know each other, and big enough to embrace difference. We believe that we improve by setting ambitious goals and welcoming qualified critique. We wish to:

  • Cultivate a dynamic working environment characterised by openness, mutual respect and high artistic and academic ambition
  • Establish strategic partnerships with selected external stakeholders
  • Create and participate in exhibitions and art activities that welcome the public inside and make our qualities known outwardly
  • Clearly communicate our position as an institution in the cultural life of Odense
  • Actively collaborate with local players as well as national and international partners

Our soul, identity and image

The soul of FAA is strong professionalism and high ambitions, making it possible for our students to establish their identity and become the best version of themselves as artists. As a core part of our identity, the Academy must remain small enough to sustain a close-knit and self-reflective working environment. This must also be reflected in the way others view us; that is, our image.