Festival NEW AGE – On the Other Side of Reality

Two days of political witchcraft in the form of music, performances and talks with the common theme of ‘counterpoints to rational order.’ The Festival NEW AGE – On the Other Side of Reality is produced in collaboration between Funen Art Academy and Odense Music Library and takes place November 15-16.
All events at Funen Art Academy are free of charge. No sign up required.

Friday the 15th, 11-12:30
Talk by Kasper Opstrup “Spirit dancing as a reaction to failed revolutions – on art, politics and occultism from the modern age to the future and contemporary.” The talk takes place at Odense Musik Library, Borgernes Hus

Artist talk by Lea Porsager, an artist focused on the meeting between science and spirituality – in her later works she was inspired by a stay at CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research, where they study the mysterious elementary particle, the neutrino – to create a 3D experience where spectators floated like neutrinos in a virtual animation of one of the riddles of quantum physics. Porsager’s talk takes place at Funen Art Academy, the Auditorium.

Opening of TR Kirstein’s installation, ”The effect of a flickering light should never be ignored”, Funen Art Academy, The Sculpture Hall.

Saturday the 16th, 15-17:00
Yogakoncert: Ambient meditative music by musician Hans Kristian Hannibal Bach as a background to a yoga session in The Sculpture Hall at Funen Art Academy. Remember to bring your own mat.

Follow the link for more information and the full NEW AGE programme (only in Danish)