You Stand in My Isolated Tower of Indecipherable Speech

You Stand in My Isolated Tower of Indecipherable Speech is a collaborative project by Line Elkjær and Julie Hviid Cetti hosted by the student run exhibition space FAA Project Room

Opening 3rd of October 2019, 16h – 19h
Open from 7th of October till 10th of October 2019 from 11h – 15h

Temporarily inhabiting the room, elements are choreographed into a site-specific constellation, each being an overture to superimposed sequences of time past and time present. Referring to multiple, nonlinear movements in time, the elements are present in the ‘here, now’ while remaining inconspicuous as their nature escapes the complete conscious comprehension. Approaching the existing room as provenance and blank space in which things potentially come forth, the tension of our experience leans onto the moment of encountering. Can equivocal lines lend us a guiding hand for moving through a carefully figured dialogue?

Build up through repeatedly exercised experiences which occurred on the site, the space becomes an embodiment of the working methodology that the two artists employ. Consequently, their approach leads to a chimerical aberration to a record of a meeting that has taken place. Moulded into a vocabulary that pertains to both the physical and mental perception of space, the viewer is placed into a dialectical conversation with the room.

Text by Anastasija Pandilovska

The exhibition is supported by Odense Kommune.