Resident artist Shuruq Harb at Funen Art Academy

Resident artist and writer Shuruq Harb, based in Ramallah, presents project “Art Territories” at Funen Art Academy from November 7th – December 18th 2011. This is Shuruq Harbs first visit to Scandinavia.

Funen Art Academy has invited Shuruq Harb to Odense to work on her project “Art Territories” – an independent digital platform for artists and fine art students to reflect on their art practice and engage in critical exchange on matters of art and visual culture.

Despite the lively arts and cultural developments in the Middle East in recent years, non-commercial exhibition spaces and art schools are small in number and remain fairly isolated, prompting many regional artists to study abroad. Intensified by impeded mobility, this has resulted in a diversity of artistic approaches and discourses. The incentive for establishing “Art Territories” emerges from a genuine need for a platform for artists in the Middle East and other countries to connect and engage with one another.

During Shuruq Harb’s residency students from Funen Art Academy will blog and produce movies together with other artists and Fine Art Students in Ramallah. The online project will be accessible through art