Let them eat cake

During the French Revolution Queen Victoria Antoinette was a confronted by a servant about the need of bread to the Parisian population, who were starving severely. Antionette completely out of sync with reality simply replied: ‘If they don’t have bread, let them eat cake’

The Danish art scene is currently starving from a need of bread. Artist are working for free, being forced to create permanent exhibition without no funding and constantly competing against one another, instead of helping and unionize. Therefore we as art students have decided to counteract this unhealthy culture. We have each made a cake as a piece of art, that we’ll share with everyone who wants to participate. We’ll host a communal cake happening, that will work as a break room from the busy art scene and as a facilitator of social encounters. Where exhibitions can be a competing, hierarchal field, we want to facilitate a safe space where equality, sharing and caring will be the key elements in these encounter.

The performance will be free of charge, however it will be possible to buy our artist book with all the recipes for the cakes from the event. The event takes place in Foredragssalen at Funen Art Academy, Wednesday November 24 from 4-7 pm.

Participants: Sidsel Winther Hansen, Emmarosa Liebgen, Nathan Holt, Sara Mounia Bensaltana, Julie Hvass, William Hvilsom og María Antonsdóttir.