Greeting from student on artist-in-residence in Tanzania

Greeting from Anna Sams√łe, Nafasi

I just wanted to send you a small greeting from Tanzania!

The art scene and the artists of Tanzania are immensely inspiring to work with. There are lots of issues to deal with here. If some of you want to know more about the project – or come here! – you can find info about applying here:

I have met an Italien graffitti artist down here, and this week we have arranged a workshop on Nafasi – it’s about art in public space

It’s very exciting to experience who big the differences to the art scene in Denmark are – the power relations are much more evident.

Artists are tied to selling their art. It’s first and foremost the white upper class which purchases the art.
The workshop has the title NOT FOR SALE. It will end up as part of an outdoor exhibition on Nafasi, where the art works take their starting point in that they do not need to be sold.

Before I return home, I’ll have my own show down here.

You can follow the activities here:

Greetings, Anna